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Video room sound absorbing panels

Video-Conference Rooms

churches Audio-visual and video-conferencing systems installed in rooms with many hard services will leave you with compromised sound quality. Good sound quality is a prerequisite for natural communication, a room with an issue of high reverberation, (sound bouncing and echoing round a room) will inevitably make speech inaudible and harder to understand.

This ultimately takes the focus away from important aspects of the meeting or presentation being held.

The equipment used in Audio-visual and video-conferencing rooms is usually accused by the users instead of addressing the real problem at hand which is the absence of sound absorbing surfaces.

With sound absorbing materials put rightfully in place, sound can be effectively absorbed which will lower excessive noise and enable clear, effective communication.

Acoustic Solution for Audio-Visual and Video-Conference Rooms

For this our acoustic wall panels are ideal for absorbing the reflected sound bouncing around these rooms.

Alongside with lining of some areas of the walls, the acoustic suspended panels will offer Class A sound absorption.