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Sports hall sound absorbing panels

Acoustic Panels in Sport’s Halls

High sound levels are linked with ball game sports and physical training. To be able to communicate clearly without raising your voice is necessary, for sports teachers this is highly important as they spend a lot of their time in sports halls and for building regulation compliance with BB93.

Large volume space activities require you to look at the high impact, safety needs and durability. Sports halls usually have plenty of acoustically hard surfaces and are generally large open areas. Ineffectively designed sports hall which serve no level of acoustic absorption result in the hall being extremely noisy and reverberant, which has an effect on people not being able to enjoy leisurely sports.

Sports halls are also used for exams and assemblies, acoustic demands are very high and complex. Having large amounts of sound absorption is crucial in order to achieve a pleasing acoustic environment for sports halls. Materials used for acoustic panelling in sports halls needs to be considered as the materials used need to be impact resistant so the panels are not damaged during ball sports.

Indoor sports halls and gyms are considerably much bigger in space and a normal classroom, as reverberation time is linked to the volume of the room, larger rooms will have longer reverberation time without cogent noise control.

Guidelines from BB93 have recommendations for internal ambient noise levels and reverberation, these are often pushed to the end limit and sometimes exceeded as the amount to cover large acoustic areas can be quite costly so other professionals have suggested different performance measures which give more time for longer reverberations.

It is compulsory for sports halls in schools to abide by the BB93 under the Building Regulations to have sound insulation, ambient noise levels and reverberation times.

Fine quality acoustic designs are important as long reverberation times result in:

  • Low speech accuracy
  • Excessive levels of background noise
  • Raised levels of stress for users
  • Controlling and management difficulties

Sports teachers are more prone to having throat and voice issues than any other subject teachers as they are needing to raise their voice by cause of loud background noise.

Sports Hall Acoustic Solutions

The main aim is to be able to lessen the displeasing high noise levels as this will affect the staff who spend a lot of their time here. Sounds multiply sounds which then produce a build-up of unpleasant and displeasing noise.

Wide open areas tend to increase speaking from a far distance and with the mixture of noise levels, raised voices are an added issue to the problem.

The perfect solution for this is acoustic wall panels as they are designed with high impact resistance and have great durability. This is a crucial factor for sports halls, our acoustic wall panels offer excellent durability and great impact resistance.