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Restaurants sound absorbing panels

Acoustic Panels in Restaurants

Restaurants and bars usually suffer with poor acoustic issues, leading to low customer satisfaction. A grating echo can make it very displeasing and discomforting for customers whether the area they are in is full or empty.

Research shows that poor acoustics have led to customers leaving earlier and sometimes even not returning to the same place.

Restaurants have two main issues with regards to acoustics, the first being the design of the place, having brick walls, bare tables, metal counters are hard surfaces which noise reflects and bounce off from.

The second issue being the many different noise sources that increase and build up, such as people using their phones, walking, open kitchen areas, loud music being played or busy bars.

Restaurant noise can reach up to 85 decibels or above, which is even to eating next to a vacuum cleaner.

Restaurant Acoustic Solutions

Our acoustic panels are ideal sound absorbing panels for this type of acoustic issue. Photo decorative panels are great for sound absorbing and give the restaurant a great design feature, creating the perfect impression within the restaurant. Restaurant logos or theme images can be created with our photo acoustic panel products.

There are many high resolution images that can be used for this purpose, this is a great way to not only provide great acoustic solution but given the restaurant a desirable fresh look.