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Offices sound absorbing panels

Acoustic Panels in Offices

Sharp speech clarity over short distances whilst reducing the sounds over longer distances is a requirement in working open plan offices. It is important to have short sound propagation in the room for open plan offices.

Working in open plan offices needs you to have fine speech clarity over shorter distances whilst also limiting the sound from spreading over longer distances.

It is vital to have short sound propagation in the room for open plan offices, for this Acoustic ceilings with acoustic suspended panels with high absorption class (class A) is greatly recommended, in order to achieve the lowest sound propagation, assist with speech clarity and lessen the sound level in the room.

Our acoustic screens further assist with reducing disturbances and constrict sound propagation when applied between workplaces. Our acoustic screens efficiency is further increased when a high absorbing acoustic wall panel is applied as a lining to cover the hard surfaces.

People often require a quiet space in open plan offices, where they are not disturbed and can work without disrupting other colleagues. One silent room is a general recommendation which should be available per 10 workers in an open space.

Our acoustic pods are an ideal escape areas for peace and comfort. Silent rooms can be created with acoustic walls panels fitted flush against the walls.