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Sound absorbing panels in a cinema

Acoustics in Cinemas, Theatres and Auditoriums

On a film set or in a sound studio you need to stop noise coming in and travelling out. The same is true for cinemas or any auditorium used to screen films: including the home and office.

To guarantee the best possible quality surround sound you need to eliminate reverberation. You also need to stop cross-noise leaking into other auditoriums (in multi-screen cinemas for example) or indeed into your neighbour’s house if you have a home cinema.

Theatre and Auditorium Acoustic Solutions

Our sound absorbing panels can be installed to sharpen audio quality, which would control both sound control and reverberation.

Our acoustic panels offer a great new look to old fashioned auditoriums reducing the need for insulation, they also cover over wires and cables so no electricians or plasterers would be needed.

Theatre and Auditorium Acoustic Benefits

Voices spoken during performances need to be clear, whether on screen or performing on stage speech clarity is a must. Therefore acoustics of good high quality will allow the sound of the speech to be delivered as the director had intended.

Areas such as cinemas need to be able to project strong loud sounds, being mindful at the same time that enough sound should be absorbed so the levels of sound are not discomforting for anyone. Sound absorbing materials would need to be planned well and placed tactfully in order to get the best results.

Privacy is important for when conversations are taking place. Acoustic privacy is a key measure to ensure that voices and noises are absorbed and blocked before disturbing the other users of the cinema or auditorium area.